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A marketing site for London-based, short-term loan provider Oakam. This project had various requirements to fit in with the nature of the business. The site needed to be multilingual to support the various languages their customer-base spoke. It needed to communicate directly with their internal systems to submit loan applications. A loan calculator was required to provide users with information on the costs of different loan amounts. And finally, it needed to be mobile-friendly.

All of this was achieved by using my PHP MVC framework. Dictionary files were used for language-specific strings and the database held translations for content. The system provides formatted loan applications directly to the Oakam internal systems and sends users automated email responses based on the loan decision made by their system. The loan calculator focused on being user-friendly, requiring the user to simply browse through loan amounts using a slider built in Javascript. And yes, you guessed it. We made the site mobile-friendly.

Another bespoke addition to the site was the use of split testing. Rather than using an external source, this was integrated into the framework itself. Enabling us to tweak content and user journeys to increase conversion rates.

This site was completed under my employment with Uber Agency.