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W.M. Sykes

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A bespoke responsive CMS with property feed implementation for estate agent W.M. Sykes. This system was built on top of my PHP MVC Framework, with an integrated property feed from their software supplier.

The largest part of this project was in finding a way of automating the property data retrieval from their database and manipulating it into something manageable that could be integrated into the site. The solution was an automated daily task that connected to the software suppliers server, grabbed a CSV export of the up-to-date property data and creating a relational database from it. The site could then read/search the newly created data correctly without needing to make any changes to the raw data and W.M. Sykes only needed to manage their properties in one place.

The site also incorporated several features to enhance the user experience, with galleries, maps and single page pagination.

This work was completed for RedBak.