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A bespoke online booking/payment system and responsive CMS for established party photo booth supplier Groovybooth. This project started off as a simple marketing site to promote the business and display information regarding the different booths available and their costs. This was soon scaled to fully automate and integrate the main duties of the business into both the website and the administration area. Managing bookings, payments, galleries, sending emails and more.

The core function of the system is bookings, of which everything else revolves around. The user-facing area of the site allows users to request a booking, view their bookings, make amendments and make payments using an integration of PayPal. The back-end of the system allows the company to view and manage bookings, provide quotes, export data sets to excel and send various emails providing users with information regarding their request/booking.

Another unique area of the site is the gallery area. This allows users to login and view the gallery for their event along with the ability to share, download and comment on individual photos. As the galleries could contain a lot of large photos that needed to be scaled specifically for the website, a solution was needed to easily create a gallery for an event with the raw images created by the photo booth. The answer was to create a bespoke zip extraction utility that indexed, optimised and scaled the photos on the fly. This enabled Groovybooth to simply create a gallery for a booking, upload a zip file of the raw images and let the system take care of the rest.

On a seperate note, I had a Groovybooth at my sisters Wedding reception and I couldn't recommend it enough. It was a great addition to the party and everyone commented on how fun it was.