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This system build is a fully bespoke large-scale project in every sense of the word, with multiple challenges that led to a great platform. In a nutshell, the brief was to build a system, which could manage webcast projects for multiple clients, provide live event reporting, user management, create email campaigns and allow for individual project templating.

The core system was built on my MVC framework, which gave full management of projects, events, clients, polls, questions, emails and templates. I then implemented a system that could allow direct manipulation of the servers config for domain management, but in a much more user-friendly way. This allowed for domains to be parked on top of projects, making them their own independent website.

Templating was implemented allowing for full customisation of individual projects by assigning them to a set of template files, which could be uploaded by an administrator. This included a simple to use syntax, which could insert dynamic content into the templates on the fly.

An email management system was created to send scheduled email campaigns to users informing them of their registration or reminding them of the event they were registered for. This also utilised the templating mentioned above allowing for full customisation of the email users saw.

One of the most impressive features was the implementation of Server Sent Events, these keep a live stream between the user and the server. So that notifications, alerts or polls could be instantly presented to the user as they are viewing the webcast. Users could also ask questions, which were presented to the webcast team in real-time allowing them to be answered directly in the webcast.

A full reporting area was created to display user registrations, hits, sessions, webcast viewing time, referrals, abandons, email opens, email bounces and more. This was all displayed in graph form and had the option to download the data in CSV format.

The platform also included email/ip address filtering to help with security and advanced form field creation for additional data capture in registrations/logins.

Overall, a great project to work on with many complex features that work together harmoniously.